New York City

My first ever blog…. here it goes

Last month I celebrated a big birthday, I shall not reveal how young I am… a lady never tells her age! and to celebrate my hubby, Ju and I spent a week in New York City.

As first time visitors we read and research like nobody’s business. We did not want to end up in all the tourist traps and eat at restaurants where they have to show you a picture of what to expect on your plate. We wanted to eat with the locals. So here are some of our favourite restaurants and touristy things we did.

Our first night we decided on Korean, the restaurant was close to the hotel (well a few blocks away, so I was told.. 20 minutes later walking on 4″ heels). A very authentic looking restaurant, a Korean chef and lots of asian customer … yumm it did look promising. And yumm it was, the food was interesting, good interesting and yes I would definitely recommend. We did have to ask for help when it came to the menu, but the staff was very helpful – ‘Hanjan’ on 36 W 26th Street  (


We had amazing Mexican at Baby Bo’s Cantina. A little restaurant on 627 Second Avenue. Fairy lights, wooden crosses, San La Muerte and Xibalba adorn the walls and ceilings. It’s like a fairy land with skulls and crosses.

Margaritas, burritos and enchiladas … yes a definite must go if you want good Mexican away from the millions tourists. Baby Bo’s Cantina at 627 2nd Avenue, New York.

Baby Bo's

We have all seen ‘When Harry Met Sally’, well at least my generation (have I just given up my age ?!).  Katz’s Delicatessen was a must go for Ju (hubby). Apart from being the place where Meg Ryan had a fake ‘O’,  it is very well know for its sandwiches, which by the way are enormous.

katz-deliOrdering food is a mystery of it’s own, a line up for fries, another one for drinks, another one for sandwiches, they should give you some rules and regulations when you enter the place. As soon as you enter they give you this little ticket and repeat ‘don’t loose it, keep it, don’t loose it, keep it,’ we were not sure what to do with this ticket hence the rules and regulations, we got to the sandwich counter where they asked for this ticket and scribble the price, so every time you want something else, you have line up in an different line and hand over this little tiny ticket where they scribble your new total, at the end you hand it over to the guy at the till. A little heads up.. Please take no offence to the staff.. they are not the most courteous.  Ohh almost forgot it’s a cash only kind of establishment. ‘Katz Delicatessen’ on 205 E Houston St, New York (

A fascinating not so little place nonetheless !

Who does not like people watching?  Because there is nothing like a glass of wine and people watching. We were lucky enough to snatch a window seat at  ‘Aria’. A restaurant in Tribeca, gorgeous place and gorgeous food. We were happy to find that they had a very decent and affordable wine list (mostly Italian) and a really nice selection of pasta dishes and small bites. They don’t seem to have a website however this little gem is located on 117 Perry StNew York City.

Another area which we really enjoyed was the ‘Meatpacking District’, apparently it’s a trendy and glamours neighbourhood. Lots of little individual little shops percent to a little nose around, gorgeous restaurants, swanky bars, there is nice, hip atmosphere about the whole area.

chelseaWe stumbled upon ‘Chelsea Market’, an old biscuit factory which now houses, an array of lovely little shops, from wine bars, to florists, chocolate shop and what made my day are these shop that house a variety of handmade items. I got talking to a lovely girl from Peru who sells hand made jewellery and she said that you rent a space for a week… if only I could !

I have a lot more to say about New York City but apparently they recommended that the number of words should be around 600. I might just do one more post about this amazing city as I have more to say and more to show you.