Clever Makers

It has been way to long since my first and last post, 9 months to be exact. The plan was to try to do a weekly blog, but I guess things got in the way, as they always do. So now I have decided to give it another go, I am not promising a weekly writeup, but hopefully more than once every 9 months.

Yesterday was my first event this year, by event I mean Artisans Fair. Getting back to it was not easy but reluctently I got out of bed and headed for Liverpool. The fair was at the Palm House in Sefton Park. The Palm House itself is absolutely gorgeous, it’s a Grade II* listed Victorian glasshouse built 1896, and the park is lovely and lush. Anyway, made it there only to realise that I had forgotten half my display, and my clamps that keep my earring display upright. Not a good start, but a bit of improvisation, and I managed to somehow get a display together.


This is what my stall ended up looking like, with half my display boxes still at home. I’m loving the new grey.


It felt good being back, it is such a lovely venue and I always meet the most lovely and talented makers, so I thought I’d share some pictures to my favourite stalls.

Well most of my day was spent next to two lovey ladies.  Jenny from Presents Felt , who amongst the amazing things she makes there are these gorgeous little bunnies. One unlucky bunny had to be twisted, stretched, poked and set alight then washed and retested just to have a little label with the letters CE. All well and good now, and thanks to his courages efforts … lots of bunnies are now for sale. And Layla, who makes the most wonderful smelling candles, wax melts and diffusers. A very clever lady, her designs for her wax melters are so modern and contemporary, a must have on my list for ‘to get for the new house’ (  




Some other clever makers from yesterday, Red Acorn Interior (, the every so lovely Ruby Tynan (, Moon & Bee, who makes bloomers !! and many other lovely things & Jenny Dunlop who painted this awesome looking cow that is also on my ‘to get for the new house’ list. (

I also came across this a stall. Gorgeous and simplistic  wooden designs. Unfortunatly I did not manage to take a picture of his makes but do have a look at the website Beautiful wooden products all handmade in the UK. And by the way, yes you know it, it’s on my ‘to get for the new house’ list !

Till next time …